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Covid-19, shipping and how we are preparing orders

Shipping has become slower with warehouses being cut by staff and hours.  Some items may take up to 8 weeks to fill!

Because we know that the virus can live in cardboard, we leave packages outside for 24 hours in a protected location and open with gloves.  Before we remove packed items we are cleaning our hands well and regloving.  Both of our packing areas contain hand sanitizer, gloves and masks for your safety.

We do try to use more plastic packaging as this can be wiped down and let to air dry before opening.  Every package that leaves out houses is thoroughly disinfected.  However, we do recommend the same when you receive packages from us as we have no way of knowing what comes in contact with packages during shipping. 

If we do have to use cardboard to ship items, we will let you know in advance.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Michelle at The Peacock Orchid  856-974-2852

Alyson at Southside boutique  706-741-9007