The Peacock Orchid Boutique

I've been selling things on Poshmark to help support my family for months when I realized more of the profit was going to them instead of helping my family and my mother.

I stopped working full-time 5 years ago when my mother had a stroke.  My father refused to put her in a nursing home, so I helped to take care of her. Then September of 2016 my father was diagnosed with inoperable Esophageal adenocarcinoma.   My sister took care of Mom, and I took Dad everyday for his chemo and radiation.  That lasted 3 months and he should recover. 

Well, he never did.  He got worse, and 4 months later he was gone.  After his passing, we found that he had used all of his savings for Mom's bills.

So, I made the decision to get my business license and seller permit.  I'm hoping to turn this into a lucrative business to help support my family and keep Mom in her home.  My sister cares for her full time while I do the running and the appointments.

I chose the name because it was my Dad's favorite flower.  So I guess you could say that this online store is a tribute to him.

In Loving Memory of and Sadly Missed,

Raymond John Glazer, Sr.  January 23rd, 1936 to April 30th, 2017.  Forever my hero!

 Michelle Anne Glazer Zieminski

"I once was your angel, but now you are forever mine!"



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